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Tethered Isolation Plugs
Tethered Isolation Plugs for Sale from PAPS

Tethered Isolation Plugs for Sale from PAPS Ambient Isolation Tools are installed in pipework to provide a physical barrier that prevents the migration of toxic or flammable vapours from the pipe system to the worksite.

Ambient Isolation Tools incorporate a positive mechanical or hydraulic setting that ensures the tool is held securely. (If required, a lock mechanism can also be included to ensure the tool is secure and work party protected against unexpected pressure surges).
Ambient Isolation Tool provides a fluid / vapour barrier allowing hot work activities to take place safely onsite

Key Features:

• Size range: ¾”– 36”
• Pressure range: Ambient only
• Based on In-line Weld Test Tool technology
• Twin compression elastomer seals
• Hydraulically actuated over 1½”
• Annulus test / monitor / bleed between seals
• Downstream pressure monitor above 3”


Technical Data Sheet
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